Green Dreams 3

Green Dreams 3

The first Dream:  Solar  Power

BYD solar power has four superior advantages:

1. high  efficiency( more power out of small space on the roof)

2.Excellent Optical Performance (power even under less-than-optimal condition)

3.Steady DC Output Voltage

4.Easiness in Being Storage

The  Second  Dream:  Energy Storage

For Grid Operations Peak Load Shaving:

discharge during the high power demand,charge during the  low power demand.

Store and tranfer electricity  =  a smarter  grid  short response time : 4ms  only improved transmission  line  and  equipment  lifetime  Reduced Security Risk For Renewable  Balancing  Creates a  Firm  Capacity  Output  Ramp-rate Control  on renewable energy generation for higher  efficiency.

The  Third  Dream: Electrified  Transportation

BYD : the first  Auto  Manufacturer  in the world to  lauch Fe Battery Operated  Electric Vehicle.

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  1. Oh truly, I under no circumstances tried
    Any a single have used it ? if yes, how effective it ? I’ll give it a try soon

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