House lighting

Home is the main place of life, all regions play different roles in their own, but just right of the dotted light they live in every scene.

 Entrance–embedded small spot, a door immediately give you a warm light warm feel.
Living room–the place most stories, ceiling to provide high brightness, glare-free lighting environment, wall lamp, floor lamp light at any time to add the necessary, accurate and contrast the atmosphere.
Kitchen–special PC material, is hard to form dust, anti-smoke; use of LED light source, UV and easy trick worms, good color, bright and happy to provide cooking mood.
Washing room–waterproof ceiling lamps, decorative small spot nuances.

byd house  lighting
byd house lighting

Commercial lighting

Comparing with home lighting, commercial lighting, lighting design lighting in maintaining normal function, while the region also need to grasp the nuances, providing a unique visual experience, to create a relaxed ambience, highlighting the brand appeal.
Direct lighting :ceiling lamp, the light spread to a large area space.

Key lighting: LED small spot light and wall lamp will be the light grid in the nuances, through the mastery of color temperature of light, highlighting the fine between objects.

byd commercial lighting

byd commercial lighting

Traffic lighting

Set the lighting on the road to vehicles and pedestrians at night to provide the necessary visibility. Lighting can improve the traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help to improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety. And also prettied up city.

The special advantages will make LED street lamp become the future trend.

byd traffic lighting

byd traffic lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an extension of the arts, which can build a timeless scene through the flexible application of light.
The colorful LED lighting is able to accurately express a landscape environment.

byd landscape lighting

byd landscape lighting

Special lighting

Besides used for general lighting, LED has been widely used in professional lighting environment for right of its superior performance and adaptability of various environmental.

Automotive lighting

BYD takes advantage of the small size of LED lighting, flexible design and so on, and provides full range of solutions and products on the dashboard backlighting and brake lights, turn signals, rear lamps and other the model for the BYD Auto.

Industrial Lighting

According to the different demands on the lighting and lamp by the diversified types of the industry, BYD lighting provides a full range of lighting solutions and various types of lighting products.

byd industrial lighting

byd industrial lighting

Automotive lighting room, LED lighting effect  (left) VS fluorescent lighting effect (right).

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  1. remarkable things here. I’m very satisfied to peer your article. Thank you a lot and i am looking ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  2. Fergus Lowndes says:

    Wishing to become a designer, distributor, financier of clients for your lighting systems in commercial, public,education,airports,tunnels etc. working with a major Energy Services Company and have many good to go projects eminating out of Dublin Ireland. Fergus Lowndes

  3. Will Kalas says:

    Spoken like a long-term loyal Incubator member, David! Thanks and thanks for being such an awesome member in the incubator. But we haven’t gotten enough questions from you lately!

  4. Eugene Mauss says:

    Interestingly this blog, you could update it more normally ..:)

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