Energy Storage Station

BYD Energy Storage System(ESS) including energy type and power type. The energy type system can discharge for a long time, while the power type can supply big power for a short time. BYD Energy Storage System can realize the function as below:frequency regulation, substation grid support, distributed energy storage system (DESS), PV/Wind integration, commercial energy management etc.


ESS unit type: 50kW,100kW,250kW,500kW, which can be paralleled without limitatiform a large system


200kW/800kWh Transportable/Removable Energy Storage solution (TESS)


More flexibility for emergency or geographically restricted power demand
■ Less space for installations to minimize traditional power facility construction
■ Faster accessibility for function design and set up
■ Easier operability with user-friendly, modularized design
■ Minimized maintenance cost and reliable system design
■ Excellent weatherability with container housing


■ Capacity: 800kWh (200kW for 4 hrs)
■ Output Voltage: AC 380V or 480V (at 50 or 60Hz)
■ Discharge Time: 4 hrs
■ Size: 40 feet container (area: 31m2)
■ Connection Scheme: 3-phase 3-wire


■ Designed Capacity: 4 MWh (1MW for 4hrs )
■ Voltage Level: 10kV/ 0.4kV(AC 50Hz)
■ Operation Environment: Room Temp. 5%-85%RH
■ System Life: 20 Yrs+

Charging Process

Time interval: 23:00-07:00 (uninterrupted)
■ Energy consumption: 4.150 KW•h
■ Energy storage:4.040 KW•h
■ Input voltage: AC 10 KV± 10%

Discharging Process

■ Time interval: 08:30-16:30 (non-continuous)
■ Energy consumption: 4.040 KW•h
■ Discharging time: 4 hrs
■ Output Voltage: AC 10 KV± 10% (3-phase, 3-line)
■ Output Power: 0-970 KW (uninterrupted & controllable)
■ Harmonic distortion: <4%
■ Power factor: >0.95


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  1. What is a rough cost of this system. Am looking at applications in the caribbean

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