Solar Station

Solar power plants are among the greenest forms of energy generation, producing no noise or emissions whatsoever. And unlike wind turbines, photovoltaic systems have a typical height of just 1–2 metres, and so hardly spoil the countryside. What’s more, the construction of a photovoltaic system has little impact on the environment.

BYD has Strong capabilities with deep vertical integration
Our Solar business starts with mining the Si-Stone to integrating the System
Our Inverters are built with Microelectronics from our 6-inch Wafer Fab


The BYD vertical integration capability enables project stakeholders to obtain the highest system efficiencies and economics in each system utilizing BYD PV Modules.

We have 1MW solar farm demo in BYD HQ(Shenzhen,China)
General Data
Location: BYD HQ in Shenzhen China
Year built: 2009
Performance: 1.0 MWp
Modules: 4,762 solar modules
Inverter: 10 x 100KW
Output Voltage: AC 10KV
Area: 17000 ㎡
Detail Information








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