BYD E6 Electric Car


BYD  eBUS  12



Electric vehicles are propeled by one or more electric motors and powered by rechargeable battery packs.Compared to internal combustion engines(ICEs),electric motors have many advantages such as energy efficiency,environmental friendliness,great performance and reduced energy dependence.To help aid the environment and optimize current transportation systems.

BYD has been focusing on research and development of EV technologies and recently announced it’s ‘Green City Solutions’ project. BYD’s all-electric vehicle product line includes covers e-Taxi and e-Bus offering with BYD’s e6 and BYD K9 respectively.

Based in China, eyed globally, BYD auto has been successfully exported to many important countries and areas in Middle East, Africa,Latin America, ASEAN,Russian and CIS.Over the next few years,BYD auto will come to North America and Europe with its new energy cars.

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