Home Energy System


Solar, battery, inverter…When BYD combines all these single components together, we build a completely Green Home for you and your family—environmental friendly, high tech while cutting your home energy bill down by making the zero emission Home Energy System (HES) available. The Home Energy System (HES) is one of our most proud and recommended energy solutions integrating BYD self-produced reliable solar module, ferrous battery, Inverter and other energy products based on BYD’s highly system integration capability. With this system, we can get electricity generated from the sun power and stored to provide 24h home energy consumption.

BYD can currently offer you

■ Portable system for small application: outdoor sports or in district without grid for lighting and small appliance.
■ Common family system—satisfy your normal home energy use
■ On-grid system—feed surplus energy back to the grid

Please tell us your requirement; BYD will realize it for you

What makes BYD HES different?

■ Series products for both”mini”and common home energy use
■ Highly integrated & easy installation———See, that’s just a case; we will not have a machine room in your house!
■ Modularized & Customized——–Tell us your home energy consumption, we can realized it by our modularized module

How the system works?

MODE I: BYD PV On-grid System—-with
battery I: The grid backs up the system

  MODE II: BYD PV On-grid System—with
battery II: The grid backs up the system; The surplus electricity feeds back to the grid 

MODE III: BYD PV On-grid System—-with
battery III: The grid back up the system; The surplus electricity feeds back to the grid; the grid charges battery when necessary.

  MODE IV: BYD PV Off-grid System


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  2. Lane Dural says:

    hey i just downloaded this but I’m a mac user so im not sure where to uncover the Megakey on task bar (i dont know what the equivalent of a task bar is on mac). is this even compatible for mac?

  3. Good video, although your kitchen functions will need to differently than mine. Nothing predictable has ever come outside of it!

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