Not only grid parity, but also grid quality!

BYD solution launch on Munich Intersolar Exhibition

June 19, 2013, BYD attended Intersolar exhibition in Munich again with its overall solution “Not only grid parity, but also grid quality!”-PV + Tracking System + Inverter + Energy Storage Solution as the theme. BYD’s participation greatly enlivened the gray atmosphere brought by EU Double Reverse and lit up the hope of grid connected photovoltaic power generation.


As the first Chinese enterprise honored with “Zayed Future Energy Prize” in large enterprise category, BYD has got involved in several business fields of IT, automobile and new energy. A few years ago, BYD invested heavily to build its new energy empire while it had already achieved a great deal of successes in areas of IT and conventional vehicles. BYD always takes it as its mission to develop more advanced green technologies to serve the society and help settle global energy and environmental problems.

Under the pressure of EU double reverse and cost, many companies have slowed down their development and upgrading of new technologies. BYD has improved the technologies regarding its PV modules all over again after the introduction of its high efficient new PV module technologies. This PV manufacturer has realized mass-production PV modules featuring high-efficient and long lifespan by use of the double glass components that reduce the amount of precious mental and adopt new packaging materials. There are 3 outstanding cell technologies (NEW, CUB and SNB) that improve the efficiency up to 17.8%. Other 5 photovoltaic module technologies are also included: DPG, NEC, POP, TJB and ABC which could be applied on double glass components and promote the output power by 10%, resulting in lower costs and long service life more than 40 years.

In order to increase power output and reduce system cost, BYD developed a unique tracking system for solar power station project. “Our tracking system makes the power more stable, exactly matches generated power with electrical load, which can reduce the peak-regulation pressure of traditional power.” BYD relevant personnel said.

Due to its unique advantages, battery energy storage will contribute a great share in the future development of new energy. BYD`s Fe battery energy storage system can smooth PV output and transfer energy storage, being the best of the best in battery storage. It can further improve the quality of photovoltaic power to traditional power level so as to provide optimal new energy solutions to area with unstable power grid.

“Innovation is part of BYD’s DNA”! – JUWI client gave BYD such an evaluation. By June 20th, the second day of the exhibition, visitor flow slightly decreased, but BYD booth still received a large quantity of enquiries from the customers, unusually popular. BYD new energy overall solution, “PV + Tracking System + Inverter + Energy Storage System”, had been highly praised and recognized by many domestic and foreign customers, and many customers expressed their strong expectation to cooperate with BYD. After carefully inquiring BYD`s specific product information with the personnel, JUWI client cannot help complimenting: “Innovation is part of BYD’s DNA”! Being able to receive such high affirmation fully demonstrates BYD`s capability in technological innovation and makes BYD invincible.


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