BYD DESS’s Trip to Italy

In May, BYD energy storage products once again head for Italy. With the help of Enerpoint, a top player among European new energy products distributors, BYD Distributed Energy Storage System successfully finished its road show in Italy. Once again BYD DESS, which adopts BYD core Fe battery technology, was proved to be a superstar and the crowded audience has been undoubtedly the greatest recognition of it.

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The Road show was successively held in Milan, Rome and Bari, covering North, Centre and South of Italy where Enerpoint’s distribution channel is active, with a total number of 143 installers. Enerpoint is one of the best new energy products distributors in Italy, and has vast experience in promoting green products with large clients resource, while BYD owns the world leading energy storage battery technology. With this golden combination, they are bringing high-tech energy storage systems to installers and local customers.

Italy, for a long time, mainly imported electricity from its neighbor countries and the in-house energy mainly came from oil-fired and gas power generation. In order to reduce the
dependence on oil, the government encouraged the expansion of renewable energy like wind power, water power, solar power which had been well developed in the last years. Nevertheless, renewable power generation has insurmountable problems like unpredictability, fluctuations and instability. In addition, the lack of storage technology restricted the development of new energy as well.

Starting in 1995 with battery business, BYD has the world class battery technology, and successfully launched its core battery technology, Fe battery, as the best solution for energy storage systems. Fe battery features with high energy density, high safety and very long service life.
Energy storage systems can efficiently solve the fluctuations and instability of the electricity generated by renewable energy. With the application of energy storage system, on one hand the electricity generated by wind, solar or water could be stored, especially when the production is far beyond the consumption and then released to the loads when peak time. On the other hand, battery energy storage system could smooth the oscillations and make the output stable.
The CEO of Enerpoint, Mr. Paolo Rocco Viscontini stated: “We are pleased to have BYD advanced DESS here in Italy. We are confident in BYD, BYD products and our cooperation. Even though the market is not that open at this stage, with our great effort we will succeed”. BYD Deputy General Manager, Julia Chen, expressed her hope that BYD technology and its products can really bring benefits and convenience to the area. Meanwhile, she was satisfied of the renewed cooperation and wish to work more closely to achieve a win-win situation.

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