BYD Won The UAE Zayed Future Energy Finalists Award

As the first Chinese enterprise to be given the “Large Enterprise Class Finalists Award” for the UAE Zayed Future Energy Prize, BYD emerge gradually in new energy field.

Jan.15th, on the award ceremony of UAE Zayed Future Energy Prize, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the Iceland’s president awarded the UAE Zayed Future Energy Finalists Award for BYD Co. to inspire its innovation, foresight, sagacity and leadership in new energy field as well as outstanding contribution to global sustainable development. BYD has become the first Chinese company to win this honor.


(The award ceremony of “The UAE Zayed Future Energy Prize”)

He Long, vice president of BYD Co. told reporter from the Xinhua news agency, “I’m quite honored that BYD receive this laurel. It is really a great encouragement for BYD, which will motivate us to successively develop more advanced green technology, to help solve the world’s energy and environmental problems. He stressed,” I want to emphasize that this honor not only belongs to BYD, but also belongs to all our fellow partners to promote the sustainable development of the world, and various countries governments who encourage for the development and application of new energy policy, which create a suitable business environment for the new energy investment.”


(Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the Iceland’s president issued the certification to BYD)

Founded in 1995, with bold innovation and active exploration, BYD has become a global leader in new energy business with its three green dreams, solar farm, battery energy storage station and electrified transportation. BYD build the “Future Village” with its cutting edge new energy technologies. In BYD’s “future village”, the PV system generates electricity that is stored in the energy storage system and used for electric vehicles also other electrical appliances, which is a total solution for achieving zero CO2 emission for our house.


(BYD, Sharp, Siemens in Final 3 for Zayed Future Energy Prize)

BYD’s outstanding performance in new energy area also caught attention of national leaders, Mr. Liu Qi, deputy director of the China National Energy Bureau, who visited BYD exhibition hall and talked about the sales status and development situation of BYD new energy vehicle globally. Mr. Liu also gave high expectation for the development of BYD new energy vehicles.


(Liu Qi, deputy director of the China National Energy Bureau visited BYD exhibition hall)

In recent years, BYD is the only company in the world who makes both pure-electric sedans and buses and the only vehicle OEM that vertically integrates its own batteries into the vehicles. BYD electric vehicles get great market recognition and enter into the United States, Britain, Israel, America, Europe and Asia market. In Shenzhen, BYD has placed 1000 electric vehicles fleet. The accumulated range of these current electric vehicles is over 40 million kilometers by December 2012, reducing CO2 emissions more than 30000 tons and making a contribution to city air purification. About energy storage, BYD has cooperated with Duke Energy, U.S., Chevron and China grid and many other MW level projects. BYD has installed over 100MWh of fixed energy storage capacity all over the world and become the world’s second largest storage solutions provider. About solar power products, BYD not only has made new marketing strategy in transitional and new markets, but also shipped modules surged threefold by the end of December compared to the last year.

The UAE Zayed Future Energy Prize is one of world’s top prizes, which be known as the “Nobel Prize” in new energy prize.

The UAE Zayed Future Energy Prize is one of world’s top prizes that set up in 2008 to commemorate the late Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE founder Sheikh • Zayed • Bin • Sultan • Al Nahyan. The prize aims to inspire new sustainable energy innovation for the future. The year’s annual Zayed Future Energy Prize has a review committee of the global famous renewable energy experts and government leaders, etc. The UAE Zayed Future Energy Prize awarded three individuals, enterprises, institutions or non-governmental organizations every year to inspire their outstanding contribution to energy crisis, global climate warming as well as sustainable development. The previous winners include Toyota Co., Schneider Co., etc.

Winning the Large Enterprise Class Finalists Award” for the UAE Zayed Future Energy Prize is the affirmation and highly recognized for BYD’s new energy strategy and solution, also declares the future development direction for the new energy industry.


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