BYD in Final 3 for Zayed Future Energy Prize


ABU, DHABI – January 7th, 2013: There are only seven (7) days left until the beginning of Abu Dhabi’s Sustainability Week and the announcement of the winner for the prestigious “Zayed Future Energy Prize”. The UAE Zayed Future Energy Prize was set up in 2008 to commemorate the late Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE founder Sheikh • Zayed • Bin • Sultan • Al Nahyan. The prize aims to inspire new sustainable energy innovation for the future. Arab Trade reports announced that BYD Ltd was among the Top 3 corporate winners. The final winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on January 15th, 2013 (during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week).

The Zayed Future Energy Jury’s nomination marks a significant milestone. BYD is the first Chinese enterprise to be considered for the “Large Enterprise Class Award”. This category is fiercely competitive, with only three winners selected from this year’s 119 global entrants. BYD will compete with goliath brands Sharp and Siemens for the ultimate prize. Mr. He Long, Vice President of BYD stated, “Finalists in the Zayed Future Energy Prize represent the world’s strongest leaders in the areas of clean energy and renewable energy. It is a strong confirmation that BYD’s Corporate Vision is recognized as a benchmark in the Industry.” BYD Senior Vice President, Stella Li said, “Sharp and Siemens are all very well-known companies in the world, who contribute a lot in the field of new energy, we are very happy to be in the company of these great companies.” The Zayed Future Energy Prize is awarded to organizations that have made outstanding contributions in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development. To be nominated, large enterprises must show successful business, leading technology positions, clear visions and consistent, sustainable strategies for future energy development. This year’s jury, Chaired by President Grimsson of Iceland, includes current and former presidents, prime ministers, and energy ministers from Maldives, South Korea, and South Africa, as well as film star Leonardo DiCaprio.

BYD has been very active in this region of the world recently, with the launch of a large 40-foot containerized Battery Energy Storage Station in Doha, Qatar (part of a Solar Testing Facility at the Qatar Science & Technology Park.) “BYD believes that energy storage is the key-enabler to mass-adoption of EV’s and renewable energy and has been focusing on “eco-system-approaches” with zero emission, zero pollution systems that include battery-plus-renewable power generation,” stated BYD America Vice President, Micheal Austin. “BYD has spearheaded new energy industry development trends in China with their solar products, energy storage solutions and electric vehicles. BYD mobile storage systems were also recently displayed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha.”

BYD has installed over 100MWh of fixed energy storage capacity all over the world. BYD’s new energy vehicle products include; hybrid cars, pure-electric vehicles and all-electric Buses. BYD is the only company in the world who makes both pure-electric sedans and buses and the only vehicle OEM that vertically integrates their own batteries into these vehicles. Since 2011, BYD’s pure-electric vehicles have gained momentum. In 2011, BYD placed 300 electric taxis and 200 electric buses into public service. The accumulated range of these current 300 e6 is over 30 million kilometers (almost 19 million miles) by December 2012. BYD’s also delivered 500 e6 Police vehicles to Shenzhen Police last month (the largest all-electric Police Fleet). BYD electric vehicles business is growing rapidly in overseas markets as well. In 2012, BYD received electric vehicle orders from almost every continent and major country including; Asia, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. The world is benefiting from the technology revolution going on in China with BYD at the forefront. For more information, visit BYD at and


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