BYD’s first rooftop solar project in Brazil put into operation

Recently, BYD’s first Brazilian rooftop solar project was formally put into operation. Relying on the superb technique and perfect quality assurance, BYD solar has successfully entered into foreign market including Europe, South America and some other areas. This project was installed in Brazilian Concessionária Ecorodovias highway toll station. The capacity was 21KW. It was the first project for BYD after BYD acquired Inmetro certification. As the project ran steady, it will absolutely be the successful experience in expanding its solar business in Brazil.
The General Manager of BYD PV, Tom Zhao said, “Though the project is not big enough, it’s BYD’s first rooftop project in the region. Based on the project, we are going to develop more business here. In solar industry, BYD has its unique core competence, we believe it is a good start.”

About BYD
BYD is ranked #1 at the top of Bloomberg’s and BusinessWeek’s 2009 Tech 100 List ( ) and is the leading manufacturer of advanced, environmentally-friendly battery technologies like the BYD’s Iron Phosphate battery used in BYD electric vehicles and electric busses. BYD’s solar panels and LED Lighting systems have CEC, TUV/CE and UL listings, and the company enjoys rapid growth in consumer electronics space and electrified transportation sector manufacturing under its BYD brand. BYD is the fastest-growing Chinese automotive and green energy technology enterprise. The Company trades on the Hong Kong Exchange (HKE) under the ticker numbers (HK.0285 – BYD Electronics) and (HK.1211 – BYD Company Ltd.), as well as on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the ticker number (002594 – BYD Company Ltd.). For more information visit , .


About bydcompany
Providing a fully vertically integrated solution for green energy technologies, producing electric cars using iron phosphate battery technology.Visit us at:

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