BYD PV Tec. Of TOP.5 +Fe Battery=Grid Parity

At Intersolar Europe 2012, the industrial revolutionary PV TOP.5 technology owned by BYD was introduced with a lofty tone. Relying on the technology, BYD raised a new concept of “TOP.5 (PV)+Fe Battery(Storage)=Grid Parity”, which could lead the new trend of green life.

BYD PV TOP.5 technology, which stands for POP, TJB, ABC, DLC and NES, is a new launched technology that can not only improve the photovoltaic conversion efficiency, but also reduce the cost of production greatly. POP technology is the best balance between bus-bar shadow and resistance, which increase the power output by more than 3%. ABC technology increases the power output and reduces the extra cost as a result of better heat dissipation for Diode and decreased physical resistance. With Aluminum Backsheet and Diamond-like coating glass, the module power output can be increased by additional 4%. NES technology (which is short for narrow, electroplating and selective emission) can raise the average conversion efficiency up to 17.4%. The new technology has been highly praised by numerous customers and audiences because of the obvious advantages such as, low operation temperature, resistance to weather and other significant features.

Different from general PV enterprises, BYD PV TOP.5 technology is a full range of breakthrough focus on “line” or even “face”. Thus, it ensures that BYD to be the top player in PV industry, and is the engine powering China to be a global leader in PV industry.

Grid Parity is achievable with the PV TOP.5 technology and energy storage station. On December 2011, BYD and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) finished construction on what may be the world’s largest battery energy storage station. On March 22nd, 2012, Chevron Energy Solutions demonstrated the largest CERTS-based (Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions) micro-grid in the United States. The Alameda County Smart Grid Project was designed and constructed by Chevron Energy Solutions integrating 4 mega-watt-hours (MWh) of BYD energy storage with wind and solar in a closed-loop micro-grid.

Under the powerful support by TOP.5 technology and BYD’s particular Vertically Integrated development model, BYD raised the new concept of “TOP.5 (PV)+Fe Battery(Storage)=Grid Parity”, which makes it makes Grid Parity possible. “It means users can store the electricity generated by PV panels in battery storage station, and reuse it when the electric price is relatively high, which means cut peaks and fill valleys. Users can even release power to the grid, all to really achieve grid parity.” BYD official said. It marks that the new era of grid parity is coming.



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