CARB approves extension of clean vehicle rebates

The California Air Resources Board (CARB), the funding agency behind the state’s zero-emissions Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), has proposed a significant increase in funding for CVRP in 2011-2012. CARB is proposing tripling the funding from last year’s level of $5 million to $15 million. Since the Board approved the Draft Funding Plan on July 21st, this level of funding, along with the reduced rebate amounts, is technically official.

Proposed 2011 project Category Funding Targets

Proposed 2011 project Category Funding Targets

While we can’t say for certain when 2011-2012 funding will be allocated, we can shed some light on the allocation process. Even though the Draft Funding Plan has been approved, CARB must wait until the state budget is finalized. As a state agency, CARB is not allowed to spend money until California’s budget is set. Once approved, CARB will then open up a competitive bidding process to organizations interested in administering the CVRP and, upon evaluation, award the grant to a successful organization.

The per-vehicle rebate amounts will be reduced for 2011-2012. Here’s a look at the rebate breakdown:

Light-duty, Type II, III, IV or V zero-emissions vehicle (i.e. Nissan Leaf): up to $2,500

Type I.5 (range = or >75, but <100; i.e. Azure Transit Connect) zero-emissions vehicles: $2,000

Type I (range = or >50, but <75 miles) zero-emissions vehicles:$1,500

Light-duty plug-in hybrid vehicles (i.e. Plug-in Prius): $1,500

Neighborhood electric vehicles: up to $900

Zero-emissions motorcycles: $900

Like before, CVRP funds are limited and will be handed out first-come, first-served. Last time ’round, CVRP funds ran dry in less than 16 months, but now that the per-vehicle amount has been reduced, this round should last longer. We’ll see.


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