BYD E6 gets make over – becomes more handsome

    In the face of ever increasing oil prices some companies stepped up and produced EV’s, GM produced the Volt, Nissan made the Leaf, Honda tried another route with a hybrid sports car that the everyday man could afford, Tesla threw caution to the wind and made a super car for super salary owners.BYD on the other hand, realized that the average Chinese consumer wanted to save money and get better range from an EV, so they made the E6 EV.

     The first E6 was not exactly shouting “take my money” but this revised version is looking a lot more handsome around the front and rear ends than its predecessors. The original model looked like it was three years too late to the market in terms of design, but the below model is certainly showing a 22nd century vehicle.

From what we understand, this version is the E6B where as the version that has already been put into service in taxi fleets is referred to as E6A, the E6B is the version that will be aimed squarely at consumers. When consumers might be able to buy the E6 directly is still a mystery, despite strong government support for the development of an EV industry the lack of charging stations has clearly been a major obstacle in the industry.



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