Hertz Announces Electric Car Partnership With BYD

The Hertz Corporation – one of the largest car rental firms in the world – has announced a new joint venture with BYD aimed at introducing electric vehicles to their Chinese customer base.

In terms of the agreement, Hertz will now provide the BYD e6 electric car to their customers in China (which include many government agencies).  The e6 is a five-seater fully electric vehicle with an impressive driving range of close to 300km (186 miles).  It will be the first fully electric car that is available in the Chinese car rental market.  This provides an ideal opportunity for interested parties to test these cars before actually opting for an auto loan to buy one.

It will not be the first time the e6 is used by the public sector in China.  In Shenzhen it has been used in taxi fleets for over a year.  The first batch of 50 e6 taxis has just completed 2.5 million miles.  In July 2011 the Shenzhen Universiade acquired another 300 of these vehicles.

The agreement could not have come at a better time for BYD: it has been reported that the company’s profits for the first six months of this year dropped by nearly 90% to $43 million as it saw its car sales decline by 23%.  This caused its share price to drop by 14.3% on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

In more electric car news UPS in California bought 100 fully electric light delivery vehicles from Electric Vehicles International (EVI).  These vehicles will be operating in the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley and South Coast Air Basin regions.

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