VIP-accessible Car for 2011 Universiade caught by my camera

       While driving or strolling now around the city of Shenzhen, China where the 26th Universiade will be hold in 12th, Aug., you could notice such cars as below with their brands reading “Universiade” in Chinese. Those are specially-appointed vehicles for the coming Universiade and they are offered by BYD .which manufactures a series of products related to new energy, solar power and electric transportation.

       400 F3s and 300 F6s under BYD brand will serve for the Universiade as soon as it makes the curtain-up. And these F6s will play their role in serving the athletes and visitants around the world as visitant-appropriative vehicles. It’s reported that the great performance of F6 has harvested a great deal of praise from the Universiade official side especially on its ample indoor-room, comfortable setting and elaborate-adjusting chassis after service trials.

       As the exclusive auto-supplier for the 26th Universiade in Shenzhen, BYD also has signed contracts to provide 200 electric buses and 300 pure ecars supporting the public transportation of this city during and after the Universiade.

       I was just shocked by the development of EV in China when arriving in Shenzhen, and as a common visitor, you can enjoy the all-electric taxi service along downtown roads. Chinese government already grants many policies to stimulate the EV industry’s blooming cause of the global continuous energy crisis. Tens of EV charge stations also spring out at some places of Shenzhen, and private ecars may get charged when exhausted.

      “The Universiade will surely make a lot influence on the city in many fields, including the transportation condition of course.” Said my Chinese guide.


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