BYD New Energy

BYD New Energy

Established in 1995, BYD is a top high-tech enterprise in China specializing in new energy, IT and automobile. BYD has especially developed highly efficient and environmentally friendly new energy products including Photovoltaic Cell, Photovoltaic Module, Inverter, Electric Vehicle Charging Facility, Solar LED Street Lamp as well as new energy solutions such as Home Energy System and Energy Storage Systems based on its unique and advanced Fe battery.

BYD  Green Dreams 3

BYD has three green dreams including solar power, energy storage and electrified transportation. Though the three green dreams, BYD ultimately aims at driving mass market-adoption of renewable energy, fundamentally solving both economic and environmental problems caused by heavy dependency on fossil-based power.

BYD Fe Battery

Fe battery is the core technology of BYD. It has a number of great advantages including excellent safety, high energy density, long service time, nice performance at different temperatures, low cost and environmental friendliness, which could help users to save cost and prevent environmental problems.

BYD Inverter

BYD provides a wide variety of inverters designed for Home Energy Systems and Energy Storage System with both off-grid and on-grid types. Based on its vertical integration capability, BYD’s inverters can satisfy your various needs.

BYD offers the key part of the inverter, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT). The design and manufacturing of BYD’s IGBT is a great example of maturely applying its vertical integration capability to the full industry line. BYD strives to make a smaller, lighter and simpler IGBT at low manufacturing cost.

BYD Home Energy System

Based on BYD’s integrated system capability, Home Energy System (HES) is the most recommended energy solution. By combining its single components together, BYD is able to build a completely green. Environmentally friendly, home for you and your family. Not only does the Home Energy System make zero emissions, it will also reduce your home energy bill.

BYD Energy Storage System

BYD’s Energy Storage System (ESS) includes energy systems and power systems. The energy system can discharge for long periods of time, while the power system can supply large amounts of power for short periods of time. BYD’s Energy Storage System can provide frequency regulation, substation grid support, distributed energy storage system (DESS), PV/Wind integration and commercial energy management.

BYD Solar LED Street Lamp

BYD Solar LED street lamps are connected by high power LED sources, dedicated BYD Fe battery, a self-developed charge-and-discharge control system and a DC photosensitive control system with the advantages of reliability, 40,000 hour life span, energy-saving, environment-friendliness and cost-savings.

Mainly applied in primary roadways, sub-streets and commercial or residential sidewalk lighting, LED street lamps provide a better visual environment to guarantee safety, make transportation more efficient and making life more comfortable.


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