BYD Solar Street lighting System

BYD Solar Street lighting System Characteristics

High Efficiency & Energy Saving

Based on its high-power LED, solar LED street lamp boasts high luminous efficiency and obvious energy-saving effect. BYD Fe battery makes the charging & discharging performance of the whole system be up to 97%, and it also dramatically increases the energy utilization efficiency.

Long service life

 By applying high-quality LED light source, the life cycle of solar LED street lamp reaches up to 40,000 hours; the life span of Fe battery for BYD street lamp is up to 8 years.


Employing BYD Fe battery’s advantages in size and weight and integrating solar module, Fe battery, controller as a whole, can make the whole street lamp system possess more excellent advantages, such as convenient installation, loss and burglary prevention, etc.

Environmentally Friendly

 Based on LED light source, BYD solar LED street lamp has neither mercury nor UV, which protects environment. Also, BYD Fe battery in the accumulator can guarantee the safety & reliability.


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  1. bydcompany says:

    BYD LED Tunnel light

    BYD LED Tunnel Light can provide soft and symmetrical lighting without strobe. It can be used as factory lighting and exterior area floodlighting. The tunnel light will eventually become a main substitute for fluorescent lighting. It adopts aluminum-extruded structure. Also, based on its compact and beautiful appearance, the ceiling light has great heat sink properties. It is also mothproof. The tunnel light integrates LED light source and power driver. The product’s long life span and excellent lumen maintenance minimize the hassle of relamping as well as reduce maintenance costs. In the product, high-tech Light Guide Plate (LGP) is used to provide shadowless lighting. Without mercury in the product, BYD LED tunnel light creates a green image.

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