WSDOT decides to install mass EV charge stations along Washington’s “electric highways”

    It must be an exciting milestone for the future of electric cars! The Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has announced recently that within six months, drivers will have the ability to charge their electric cars (like the Nissan LEAF and BYD e6) at charge stations along Washington’s “electric highways” (I-5 and US 2). Now it’s easy to plug in your electric car while you’re on the go in Washington!
    The charging stations will make longer distance travel simple for electric car owners between Washington, Oregon, and Canada. With options for easy and quick charging on the highways, just imagine the range confidence you can have in your EV! The charging stations and WSDOT are paving the way for sustainable and efficient transportation that will help grow the economy and support energy independence.
    The fast-charging stations will be ready for consumer use by November 30, 2011 and will charge an electric vehicle from fully depleted to fully charged in less than 30 minutes. Each station also will include a Level 2 charging station, which will cost less for users and take four to six hours for a complete recharge. The stations will be placed at private retail locations (malls, fueling stations and travel centers with easy access to the highway).
     According to the official release, “Washington’s electric-highway infrastructure is a key component of a future West Coast Green Highway. When complete, it will extend a seamless network of recharging stations along all 1,350 miles of I-5 from Canada to Mexico, serving more than 2 million electric vehicles that market analysts say will be sold in Washington, Oregon and California in the next decade.”
     With Washington State quickly becoming friendlier to EV owners, it’s the perfect time to consider sustainable electric transportation. It obviously provides much more opportunities not only for the local manufacturers but also for foreign EV Producers ,such as BYD from China, to stimulate the green vehicle market of North American .


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