Byd dual mode hybrid electric vehicle technology

     BYD has been working to resolve challenges in developing new energy vehicles,including the high cost of battery packs and the limited range of electric vehicles on the market. As a solution,BYD came up with an exclusive Dual mode(DM)electric vehicle technology that allows users to manually switch to an all-electric mode or switch to a hybrid-electric mode engaging an internal combustion engine.The DM electric vehicles can charge themselves independently with easy connection to a normal household socket and thus never use the ICE engine until a user wishes.

    The BYD DM Electric Vehicle system is the next generation of the current hybrid system,and might be the most advanced one in the world. The BYD DM electric vehicle incorporates pure electric driving mode and hybrid electric driving mode — integrating an advanced generator and motor controlling technology with a 1.0 liter gasoline engine as a range-extender.This provides both robust perfermance and good fuel economy with low emissions.It uses multiple energy supplies via both grid recharging and gasoline refueling,which is why it is called a dual mode hybrid system.
DM Advantages

Extended Range

The DM hybrid system uses a high-efficiency Fe battery pack, enabling the BYD F3DM to travel 38 miles solely on electric power, and the extended range can reach 313 miles with a full battery and a full tank.

Safety Guarantee

The Fe battery adopted by DM electric vehicles has been proven safe under extreme conditions such as high temperature,high pressure, and heavy force. It does no harm to the environment, since the Fe battery contains no toxic electrolytes or heavy metals. BYD supplies a 10-year warranty for the Fe battery.

Environmental-friendly & Energy-saving

The DM electric vehicles operate in EV mode without fuel consumption or air pollution.
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