Green City Solution

Green City Solution


      BYD would like to share the phased approach and long-term plan for a Green Cities “economic” and “environmental” recovery. We believe that each step of this plan will bring immediate cost reductions and environmental benefits Here is BYD’s proposal for a long term City plan: This includes tackling the most beneficial items first, like electrified Public transportation. We will explain why we believe this should be your Cities first and foremost environmental task. With strong governmental policy and support, we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and improve our renewable power position. Renewable power can only begin to replace our fossil fuel generation plants WHEN they are backed up by Energy Storage. And lastly, with strong examples from Governments and strong environmental policy for energy saving lighting, EVs and EV Charging stations, we will be able to drive mass-market consumer adoption of green technologies that will dramatically improve our economies and save our environments.


About bydcompany
Providing a fully vertically integrated solution for green energy technologies, producing electric cars using iron phosphate battery technology.Visit us at:


  1. stlyleoutfit says:

    very cool man, i love this solution

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