eBUS introduction

BYD   eBus    12

BYD eBus 12

BYD  eBus 12

BYD eBus 12

      The eBUS pure electric bus is another masterpiece of BYD’s in the field of electrified transportation. The eBUS is 12 meters long, and the whole design is oriented around ease of customer transport. The specially designed in-wheel drive and the electronically controlled air suspension makes the eBUS with low-floor and ample space to allow easy passenger loading and unloading. The front windscreen occupies 2/3 of the front face of the bus for maximum viewing and safety. The silver body with black side windows gives the eBUS an elegant exterior, while the interior boasts exquisite adjustable leather seating for driver plus high-quality red and black leather seats for passengers. Carefully engineered sound insulation for a quiter cabin experience.

       As BYD’s first pure electric bus, the eBUS employs many advanced technologies developed by BYD itself. For example, The “Fe” battery. used on eBUS is non-polluting, and the chemical materials contained in the battery can be recycled. The solar cells installed on top of eBUS can supply more power to supplement the Fe battery. Also, the trip computer information to the driver to make the driver clear about every working condition while driving.

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